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Living Lightly

Programme 1

We meet all three families, the O'Connors in Longford, the McArdles in Stepaside and the McGregors in Howth. Conor has a look at their figures to see how much is coming in, how much is going out and on what. He sees big challenges facing all three families and with Ella decides what to tackle immediately. The O'Connors in Longford have to reduce overall spending by 30% and are given an immediate challenge to reduce their food bill from 1600 euros to 600 a month. The McArdles in Stepaside are shocked when they hear how much their house is worth and the McGregor family in Howth have among other things to give up their 1800 euro cappuccino habit!


Tracking household spending
. Keep all reciepts no matter how small
. Keep a spending diary

. Always make a list
. Never shop when you are hungry
. Shop around for deals
. Buy fresh and in season produce
. Keep a stock of non perishables

. Make your garden pay by growing vegetables
. Don't spent a lot of money to start up
. Do plant what you like to eat
. Feed the soil
. Use Youtube and online forums for advice

Credit Cards
. Repay your bill in full if possible
. If not shop around for the best rates
. Check out introductory offers especially those with 0% interest on balance transfers



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