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Episode 6 

It is the night before Zoey and Saoirse’s first communion. Harriet’s mother, Clarissa arrives for the big event with Zoey’s communion dress.

The police are hassling The Mammy, and Fridge is asked to do a job for him. He needs all the stolen goods still stored in Fridge’s house driven to Waterford overnight. Fridge says he can’t do it, but when the Mammy says he’ll write off the loan if Fridge goes ahead then he agrees. At that moment Plain James arrests The Mammy, noticing that he and Fridge seem to be cosy.

Later that night, with Chivers and Animal, Fridge realises that he can’t drive to Waterford the night before Zoey’s communion. Instead, they’ll hide the boxes in Chivers van and hope for the best. However the next morning Plain James turns up. He’s had enough. He’s had to let The Mammy go. He begs Fridge to give him anything he can on The Mammy and asks why he’s protecting him. Doesn’t he realise that The Mammy pays joyriders to steal cars for him?

At church Fridge confronts The Mammy. He won’t run around for him anymore. The Mammy threatens him. Fridge realises he can’t back down now. At the post-communion party he opens The Mammy’s boxes, which contain electrical goods and scratch cards. He hands them out to all the guests as gifts in Harriet’s name. The Mammy is furious by this blatant rebellion but there’s nothing he can do. He values his popularity in the community too much to make a scene.

Meanwhile Willy has had the worst two days of his life. Jacinta tells him she’s marrying Barry. Anna breaks up with him and having failed to pay his rent to buy Saoirse’s dress he is kicked out his flat. He gets drunk and takes his revenge on Barry’s new car, neatly taking the roof off it with Chivers’ angle grinder.

Dancer, is pressurized by Plain James who wants him to grass on The Mammy. Bernie steps in to protect her son once more, hinting to both Plain James and The Mammy that Dancer is really their son. The Mammy unsettles Dancer by turning up at his house to bond with him, but soon, to Ears’ dismay, Dancer throws his lot in with The Mammy. When The Mammy walks out of the pub following Fridge’s showdown, it is Dancer who is the first to follow him. Finally Willy moves in with Fridge.