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Sarah Kelly

Land Wars: From the Boudoir to the Bullet - The strange story of Sarah Kelly.

Continuing the series exploring land wars, Léargas depicts the colourful life of Sarah Kelly who, in the 19th century, emerged from a Dublin brothel to become the richest female landowner in England and Ireland with wealth estimated at around 2 billion pounds. During her life she was involved in an abduction, a teenage pregnancy, a deathbed marriage and was embroiled in the 'court case of the century' which lasted for eight years.

Exactly 150 years ago she was murdered in cold blood whilst walking on one of her estates. Sarah Kelly's gruesome end was the result of a plot by some of her tenants to stop the ruthless evictions which condemned many to a life of destitution. Despite many being in the area at the time, no one admitted to being a witness to the crime. The secret about who killed Sarah remained a mystery for 120 years but Léargas can now reveal the identity of the two people who put their guns to her head and, quite literally, blew her brains out.

Sarah Kelly