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Land Wars

Land Wars: inter county land war, redefining Kilkenny and Waterford.

Old rivals Kilkenny and Waterford have often clashed on the hurling pitch. But now they are fighting about who owns the grounds. Waterford City Council want to take over 6000 acres of the best land in South Kilkenny and the Cats are fighting them all the way. The proposed boundary extension would incorporate the hurling mad Kilkenny village of Slieverua into Waterford City. But Waterford already has a foothold on the northside of the Suir where most of the suburb of Ferrybank is part of the city, due in part to previous boundary extensions. This is an area of divided and confused loyalties, where the border splits houses and even a GAA pitch in two. Neighbours and even families are divided by county loyalties and some people even change sides depending on the performance of the county teams. This week, Léargas - Talamh an Achrainn visits South Kilkenny - or is it Waterford? - to investigate this inter-county land war.

"In this part of the world we have a unique geographical situation. If it's a green field everybody agrees that it's Kilkenny. Build a house on it and half the population are arguing that it's Waterford City" Jack Burtchael, Kilkenny man and tour guide.