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Gerard Blackall

A new marriage, a family divided and an embittered court battle over an idyllic home.

In 1981, when Gerard Blackall, a seventy year old widower suddenly decided to marry a former Scottish lingerie model, forty years younger than him, the lives of his two elderly sisters were rocked to the core. Eileen and Rose Blackall fully intended to live out the rest of their lives in their idyllic Blackrock home, Marino Park. Soon after he married, their estranged bother, Gerard, in urgent need of money to finance his new married lifestyle came looking for his share of the house. The sisters with no means of income could not afford to buy him out.

For over ten years the elderly sisters fought a legal battle against their brother and sister in law, through every court in the land to prevent their home from being sold under them.

Léargas looks at a family story of wealth, betrayal, compromise and heartbreak.