Friday, 7 July 2017

A chance to catch up on The Late Late Show highlights with a country music special featuring Daniel O'Donnell, Nathan Carter, Charley Pride and Queens of Country - Margo, Philomena Begley and Susan McCann.

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Applications for Toy Show Performers

If you've always dreamed of performing on the Late Late Toy Show... Singing or dancing... Juggling or jiving... Telling jokes or amazing folks...THIS is your time to shine.

We are looking for boys and girls from all over the country to help make this year's Toy Show the magical event we know it will be. If you'd like to be one of those performers... here's what you have to do.

Record a short video of yourself doing what you do best... singing or dancing or making things disappear... or whatever it is... and put that video on a DVD or USB key and send it to us here at...

The Late Late Toy Show Auditions, PO Box 170, RTÉ, Dublin 4.

We'll be travelling around the country in the autumn meeting the best of the best to find this year's Toy Show stars...But we need those videos. Get them into us now and be top of the queue when the elves start the search.


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There's plenty of great prizes up for grabs throughout the season. Check out our Competition section for more details...


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