Friday, 25 February 2011

Irish screen great Maureen O'Hara chats to Ryan Tubridy about her on-screen chemistry with John Wayne and why she's determined to live to 102. Colm Meaney discusses his work on 'Star Trek' and films 'Con Air' and 'The Damned United'. Wonderland perform their debut single, 'Not a Love Song'.

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Maureen O' Hara

Whilst words like screen icon and film legend are often bandied about my next guest is one of the few people who can genuinely lay claim to being a true cinema idol. She has made over 6o movies and has starred along side some of Hollywood's legendary leading men including John Wayne, Tyrone Power, Rex Harrison and Charles Laughton.


Louis Walsh and Kian Egan are of course two names that you'll be more than familiar with from their involvement with Westlife, well both of them have joined forces to put together a brand new Irish girl band. After auditioning literally thousands of hopefuls they've eventually chosen the five girls that you're about to see.. with their first single "Not a Love Song" and their first appearance on the Late Late Show.

Dermot O' Neill

Ryan's next guest is one of Ireland best loved Gardening experts. From his many appearances on such shows as Garden Heaven and Open House to his bestselling books Discover gardening and Roses Revealed, he has been a part of the television landscape for over 20 years now. But just two years ago he was diagnosed with an illness that threatened to change everything. Would you welcome please Dermot O' Neill.

The Three Amigos

Three of Ireland's youngest and most successful Country Stars have joined forces to dispel the myth that being a Country Music Fan means you're  outdated, out of touch and anything but cool....
Jimmy Buckley, Robert Mizzell and Patrick Feeney are on a mission and they are confident that at the end of their Nationwide Tour, country music will be seen and heard in a different light!  Singing "Countin' Flowers on the Wall"

Colm Meaney

Colm Meaney has appeared in movies such as 'Con Air', 'Die Hard Two' and more recently "The Damned United" and even "The Simpsons". He's a Northside Dubliner who started his working life by training as a fisherman in Donegal before deciding to give it all up for a hugely successful life on the stage. He's probably best loved in Ireland for his roles in 'The Commitments', 'The Van' and 'The Snapper', but to a generation of Americans he'll always be Chief Myles O'Brien from the hit TV series 'Star Trek'.


Ryan Tubridy
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