Friday, 16 April 2010

Ryan Tubridy meets Dragons' Den stars Sean Gallagher and Gavin Duffy to discuss their investments from the show. Green Party leader John Gormley discusses the policies he has introduced. Acting legend Michael Gambon and director Michael Colgan chat to Ryan about their illustrious careers

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Sean Gallagher & Gavin Duffy

We all know the economy is in a bit of a mess but it's at times like these that we should dig deep and call on our inventiveness and ingenuity as a people to lift us out of the mire. We look to entrepreneurs and in particular young entrepreneurs with big ideas to get us back on the road to recovery.

John Gormley

He is a former Lord Mayor of Dublin and was first elected as a TD in 1997 after a marathon week long re-count with Michael McDowell, which he won by just 27 votes. These days he is Minister for the Environment, Heritage and Local Government and the leader of the Green party.


Thanks to the Failte Ireland advert you may already be familiar with this song. It comes from 20 year old twin sisters from Dublin who have been playing and writing together for the past few years. This song wound up in the hands of an advertising executive who liked it so much it was used in the commercial.

Sir Michael Gambon CBE & Michael Colgan OBE

They were both born in Dublin and are stalwarts of the theatrical world, one is a multi award winning Hollywood star who has appeared in blockbuster movies such as Harry Potter and The Fantastic Mr. Fox while the other is a theatre director who over the years has enticed a whole galaxy of stars to the Gate theatre in Dublin and was recently awarded an OBE by Queen Elizabeth.

Ryhad Khalaf & Siobhan Maguire

Growing up, the teenage years can be a difficult enough time. Relations with parents can become strained as young people assert their individuality and try to find their way in the world. Sometimes there can also be complicating factors which can make those years even more difficult. Being gay being one of them. Remember, just seventeen years ago homosexuality was still illegal in Ireland, so we've invited two young people tonight who've both experienced what it's like to grow up as part of the first generation that's legally gay.

Rig The Jig

Already regarded by many as one of our finest folk and traditional groups my next guests look set to broaden their appeal with the release of an unusual cover version. It's a song written by Radiohead called High and Dry.

Johnny Duhan

Fans of Irish music will know my next guest as a member of 60's group Granny's Intentions, but also as a popular solo performer. However they may not know that he's also responsible for writing one of this country's best loved songs. Many people have recorded it over the years, most notably Christy Moore. However, tonight we have invited the man himself to give us his own unique interpretation!

Pixie McKenna

She is from Glasheen in Cork City and comes from a medical family, so it was no surprise when she too opted to become a doctor after leaving school. She now works as both a GP in London and Cork but it is for her uncompromising look at ordinary illnesses on the TV programme Embarrassing Bodies that people probably know her best.


Ryan Tubridy
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