Friday, 3 April 2009

Pat's guests tonight include tennis legend Pat Cash, cystic fibrosis sufferer Orla Tinsley, singer Eoghan Quigg and television presenter Clodagh McKenna.

Eoghan Quigg

Possibly the most popular young man in Ireland right now, Eoghan Quigg has just finished appearing on the X Factor Tour and is about to release his new album "Eoghan Quigg". Eoghan dropped in to the studio to perform the new single "28, OOO Friends" and to tell Pat about the new album, life after XFactor, adoring female fans and his love of football.

Orla Tinsley

Cystic Fibrosis campaigner Orla Tinsley joined Pat to demand that the recent decision by the HSE, to shelve plans for a special CF unit at St Vincent's Hospital, be revoked. She told how Mary Harney herself guaranteed it would be open by 2010.   Orla has waged this war from her hospital bed, through her writing in the Irish Times and on the airwaves for the last two years and told Pat she would keep on fighting until the right facilities were provided. 

To pledge your support to Orla's campaign, text 'CHANGE' to 51155. For more information contact The Cystic Fibrosis Association of Ireland on 01 4962433 or email

Pat Cash

Former tennis champion Pat Cash joined Pat to discuss his Irish roots. He also recalled the Wimbledon final he won in 1987 and told Pat the reason behind his famous chequered headbands. Besides being a maestro with the racquet, Pat is also a talented guitar player and a music buff and told Pat he grew up listening to Irish artists such as Thin Lizzy and how he picked up a guitar with Led Zepellin to raise money for Irish charity GOAL. He was also in Ireland to speak about his role as the new 'face' of Viviscal Man - hair supplement. It is available from all leading pharmacies and health stores or direct from Lifes2good on 1890 25 22 59 or  

Noel O'Gara

Pat was joined by businessman Noel O'Gara who hit the headlines when he bought Dartmouth Square locked its gates, turned it into a builders yard and drove the residents around the twist. O'Gara said however that he is only doing his patriotic duty. He says he only wants to open our eyes to the fact that we live in a nanny state ruled by bureaucrats who have taken our liberties, trampled our freedoms and corrupted our republic.

Dickie Rock

The word legend was invented for Dickie Rock. He has been entertaining fans in Ireland and further a field for decades. A new show about his life is about to open in the Olympia Theatre. It will feature many of his biggest hits and Dickie sings a medley of some those hits on tonight's show.

Clodagh McKenna

Chef, writer, TV presenter & occasional lecturer Clodagh McKenna has a string of achievement that seem to keep on growing. She has recently taken on the fashion world with 1950's inspired aprons designed to make cooking sexy and has just finished a follow up to her highly successful programme Fresh from the Farmers' Market with Fresh from the Sea. The programme & the book of the same title will be available later in the month. Clodagh now lives in Italy with her Italian boyfriend.


Pablo Picasso famously painted his women, Degas loved the ballet, Toulouse Lautrec was fascinated by the Moulin Rouge, but Dublin artist Guggi is preoccupied by common household items. He finds his inspiration in bowls and jugs. He joined Pat to talk about his latest collection.

Crimes of Passion/Mick Clifford + Patricia Casey + Carol Hunt

Since the guilty verdict and life sentence for David Bourke this week for the murder of his wife, opinions have been sharply divided on the justice of the outcome. Some say that the taking of a life deserves life in prison, others ask if it's possible that somebody truly in control of his senses could have killed his wife in front of their children. Pat was joined by author & Sunday Tribune journalist Michael Clifford, psychiatrist Professor Patricia Casey & journalist Carol Hunt to discuss what the French call crime passionnel- crimes of passion and whether there is any such thing.


Ryan Tubridy
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