Friday, 27 February 2009

Chat show featuring high profile guests presented by Pat Kenny. This weeks guests include Hollywood actor Robert Vaughan, Mayor of Limerick John Gilligan and 'the psychic barber' Gordon Smith

Franz Ferdinand

A band from Glasgow - one of the biggest live draws in these islands Franz Ferdinand performed their forthcoming single 'No You Girls'.

Hannah McDonnell

Hannah McDonnell is a young woman who runs her own successful business she has travelled the world and even studied abroad for a time in New York and London. Not bad for a girl who is has just turned 23 but even more remarkable when you consider that she cannot read or write. Hannah who was last year's Dublin Rose in the Rose of Tralee spoke about dyspraxia a disorder that affects up to 8% of people in Ireland. The Dyspraxia Ireland Annual Conference will be held on Saturday 28th March in the Clarion hotel at Liffey Valley. For more information contact the Dsypraxia Association of Ireland on 01-4045530 or email

Robert Vaughn

To some he is Lee from the Magnificent Seven, to others he is Superman's arch nemesis in Superman III. But to most, Robert Vaughn is Napoleon Solo, the hugely popular, heroic spy in the 60's classic, the man from U.N.C.L.E.
An Emmy winner and an Oscar-nominee; he has acted with all the greats. He talks to Pat about his extraordinary life and gives us a glimpse behind the scenes of classic Hollywood.

G shot

Dr Matlock says he simply gives them what they want. He has developed an entirely new cosmetic procedure, something which has never before reached these shores. He joined Pat to talk about the latest in cosmetic surgery in the USA and the G shot.

Justin Hayward

30 years ago Jeff Wayne released the groundbreaking album War of the Worlds. It continues to be, an important landmark in the history of popular music. It is also now a spectacular multi media show which tours the world . The biggest hit taken from the album and show is the song Forever Autumn performed on The Late Late Show by Justin Hayward.
Justin Hayward will be starring  in Jeff Wayne's War of the Worlds which is in the O2 Dublin on June 7th .

Mayor of Limerick John Gilligan

In his home city Mayor John Gilligan is known as a man who tells it like it is. He pulled no punches when he joined Pat to talk about the unemployed, the leadership of the country and the behaviour of the banking barons.

Goal Photo Exhibition

The power of a single frame and the impact it can have is a tool used by photographers and newspaper editors for most of century. Images have the power to tell stories and shape public opinion. But do they always tell the whole truth? Photographers Jerry Kennelly and Julien Behal looked at some iconic images before speaking about the work of aid agency goal and how photography is integral to keeping people informed about their work.

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Psychic Gordon Smith

As a child Gordon Smith realised he had an extraordinary ability. He discovered he could see dead people, those who have passed into heaven and into hell. He spoke to Pat, and also demonstrated to the audience, how he learned to use this ability to help the living and the dead come to terms with losing each other.


Ryan Tubridy
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