Friday, 21 November 2008

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Tommy Hilfiger talks about his Irish mother, Kila perform and June Rodgers is back with her all-new Christmas show


At the forefront of contemporary Irish music for the past 20 years Kila have a legion of fans who follow them wherever they perform live. And so it was apt that they should release a live DVD. To promote it the band dropped in to perform 'Glanfaidh Me'.

Kelly O'Neill and Shane Curry

Two years ago the dream of many an aspiring young actor came true for two Dublin teenagers when they were picked as the leads in a film. Well the fruits of their labours are coming to fruition today as the film 'Kisses' is released to widespread critical acclaim. Kelly and Shane joined Pat to tell us all about their adventures on and off the silver screen.

June Rodgers

June Rodgers is back with her all-new Christmas show at the Red Cow Moran Hotel from November 28th until New Year's Eve. June's DVD is called 'Whatever ..r.r.r!. It was released on Friday and June appeared as Chantelle on the Late Late Show along with her trolley and airport goodies.

Tommy Hilfiger

What's in a name? Well for Tommy Hilfiger the answer is a billion dollar Fashion Label. Not bad for a guy who didn't go to college and was bankrupt at the age of 24. The man behind the brand told Pat about his Irish mother and what life was like growing up in a big Irish American Catholic family in New York. Although he visits Ireland regularly this appearance on the Late Late show was his first time on Irish television.

P.J. Gallagher

P.J. Gallagher likes to wind up the good decent people of Ireland - he says - just for the craic. You know him as Jake 'the whistler' Stevens and the 'dirty auld wan' as well as that bemused orange man. He is busy these days clocking up huge mileage on his 400cc motorbike and the dirty auld wan he says has gone off to bed. If you like naked camera you will love the box set of the last three series in shops now.

Georgina Baillie & The Satanic Sluts

The lady at the heart of the Russell Brand/Jonathan Ross controversy talked to Pat about how she heard about the now infamous telephone call & what life has been like for her since. With paparazzi and tabloid journalists stalking her every move she said that she is now one of the rare people in the world who can say they have absolutely no secrets. She followed the interview with an interesting performance with her burlesque dance troop the Satanic Sluts.

Risteard Cooper and David Kelly

Two stars of the stage and screen, actor and mimic Risteard Cooper and the great David Kelly joined Pat to talk about comedy, their careers and taking part in the 80th birthday celebrations of the Gate Theatre.

Colm Wilkinson

Perhaps one of the greatest Irish singers of our time, Colm Wilkinson's career has had many strands and he has enjoyed success for decades. For many his brilliant version of Bring Him Home from Les Miserables is his greatest moment. In advance of his sold out tour Colm performs that song on the Late Late Show.

Charlie Bird

Derek Davis once told Charlie Bird that he'd have to change his name if he ever wanted to be taken seriously as a journalist. But taken seriously he was. The Chief News Correspondent in RTÉ has played an integral part in Irish journalism over the last 30 years. However, at the age of 59 he has decided he wants a challenge and a change and is Washington bound. He talks to Pat about how he is feeling about the impending move and looks back at his career.


Ryan Tubridy
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