Friday, 12 September 2008

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Pat Kenny presents the popular talk show featuring high-profile guests and the very best in all-round entertainment

Trinny and Susannah

Trinny and Susannah pride themselves on turning frumpy into fabulous and it has brought them fame and fortune worldwide. They were in Dublin for Style in the City where they shared their top fashion tips and hosted an international Catwalk Show. The girls told Pat about their super invention called the magic knickers and Susannah demonstrated exactly how it works. Trinny and Susannah's new book is called 'Who Do You Want To Be Today'.

Mick Flannery

Mick Flannery is from Blarney in Co. Cork. He is not only a skilled songwriter but also a skilled stone mason. A while back he headed for the USA and while there, much to his own surprise, he won an international songwriting competition. Things have quickly progressed and he's about to release an album of his own material called 'White Lies'. He performs a song called 'Tomorrow's Paper'. "White Lies" is in your shops now.

Pat Hickey

President of the Olympic Council of Ireland and Europe was in studio to talk about some of the issues that arose during the Beijing games. He also spoke about his difficult past working relationship with John Treacy of Irish Sports Council and told viewers that he intends to go for the top job in the world of Olympics namely that of International President.

Yulia Pikhtina

What do you get if you cross a wondrous combination of skill and elegance? Ukraine Hula Hoop dancer, Yulia Pikhtina...

Rick Stein

Rick Stein started his professional career spinning discs in a mobile disco called the purple tiger. Then he ran a nightclub that was so violent that the police closed it down. However a food licence remained with the premises and thus began the career of this multi-millionaire world renowned chef. He now runs a mini-empire in Padstow, Cornwall and despite being the target of the Cornish National Liberation Army, he has turned the town into one of the most sought after locations in Britain.

Carol Thatcher

All eyes are on the children of Barack Obama and John McCain's running mate Sarah Palin in the run up to the American general elections in November. Carol Thatcher is one lady who knows just what's it like to grow up in the political goldfish bowl. She dropped by to talk about second hand fame, what family life was like with the woman the Russians nicknamed The Iron Lady and told of her mother's struggle with dementia.

Lisa Hannigan

Lisa Hannigan was guest vocalist with Damien Rice's band for the past seven years. She is about to release her debut solo album. Tonight, she performs 'Lille' from her solo album called 'Sea Sew' which is available in all good shops.

Michael Gambon and Michael Colgan

One of the world's greatest stage actors, Michael Gambon spoke to Pat about his latest on-stage role and also revealed his exploits as a pilot, a search for antiques in Dublin and his late mothers thoughts about his acting career. They were joined by Michael Colgan of The Gate who spoke about one of the most ambitious theatrical tours ever undertaken by a company in Ireland.

Jimmy Carr

Nobody is safe when it comes to Jimmy Carr's acerbic tongue. Accurately described as a baby-faced assassin, he says his show isn't for you if you have any sort of a moral compass. Rude, crude, offensive but outrageously funny... Jimmy drops in to The Late Late studio straight after a sold-out show in The Olympia Theatre.
Jimmy's new dvd 'In Concert' is in shops on November 3rd.


Ryan Tubridy
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