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Friday, 14 March 2008

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The Late Late Show


It's down to the last four, and this year it's an all girl affair. Only one will be crowned the winner, but which one? Robyn Kavanagh, Sharon Condon, Leanne Moore or Deirdre Archbold.


Nothing less than a living legend. After five decades at the top and with many stories to tell, a chat with Kris Kristofferson was bound to be revealing.. But it would have been a shame not to ask him to sing too. It took very little arm twisting to persuade the great man to perform two of his classics: "Sunday Morning Coming Down" and "Me and Bobby Magee"


For several years, Tamsin was the beautiful blonde love interest of Martin Kemp in Eastenders. Since then she has gone on to star alongside Max Beesley in Hotel Babylon. Now six months pregnant, Tamsin is preparing for her most important role to date: that of mother..


How better to mark St Patrick's Day that to bring into studio artefacts associated with Ireland's patron saint. National Museum Director Pat Wallace carefully unpacked what is believed to be the actual bell used by St. Patrick on his missions to Ireland. In addition, an exquisite golden boat, from the time of Christ came under the spotlight.


From of Ireland's most famous political dynasties, Mary O'Rourke has weathered political storms and overcome personal tragedy. Today she is proud to be in her seventies and shows no sign of slowing down..


One of Ireland's most exciting and innovative musical acts. A fusion of Irish traditional, with rock rhythms and a little Latin for good measures. But words do not do justice to the Kila sound. Judge for yourself as they perform "Leath ina dhiaidh a hOcht"


The remarkable real life story of a man whose plane crashed in the Andes back in 1972. With little hope of rescue, the survivors came to the awful realisation that their only hope of survival was to eat the carcasses of their dead friends..


Ryan Tubridy
The Late Late Show is Ireland's most popular and prestigious television show and is the longest running chat show in the world


There's plenty of great prizes up for grabs throughout the season. Check out our Competition section for more details...


The Late Late Show is Ireland's most popular and prestigious television show and is the longest running chat show in the world.


Check out our exclusive behind the scenes interview with Ryan Tubridy

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