Friday, 29 September 2006

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The last time he was on The Late Late Show George Galloway had just won many new admirers after facing down his interrogators in the US Senate Committee. It was memorable for all the right reasons. Since then of course there was that infamous episode on Celebrity Big Brother which was probably memorable for all the wrong reasons. This week he may be very pleased with himself with Tony Blair's swan song.


If you were attempting to explain the shambles of our Health Service to a stranger you might find it hard to know where to begin. But put that stranger into a quiet room with Janette Byrne for half an hour and wait for the shock and awe to set in. Janette Byrne told her personal story. Her book 'If It Were Just Cancer: A Battle for Dignity and Life' is available nationwide.


Three time Oscar winner Oliver Stone spoke to Pat Kenny about his new film World Trade Centre and his illustrious career in cinema.


Ryan Tubridy
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