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Kitchen Hero: Homecooked

Series 1

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    Programme 1 - Surf's Up!

    Donal and friends head to Kerry for a surfing weekend. Knowing it's going to be cold, Donal prepares a chickpea, pasta and tomato soup and some dig-in beef fajitas to eat on the beach, and also a fish pie and a blackberry and apple crumble to eat back at the beach house.

  • Programme 2 - Friends For Dinner

    If your friends know you can cook, a casual offer to cook dinner becomes a definite commitment, as Donal discovers after a night out with friends. What's needed is something quick and easy, so Donal prepares Thai Fish Cakes, Teriyaki Salmon with Noodles and a 'mega' Banoffee Pie.

  • Programme 3 - Band Reunion

    TV Chef Donal used to be in a band and the backing band he worked with have come to Ireland to record a new single at the Grouse Lodge recording studio (where Michael Jackson recorded his last album). Donal cooks the kind of food bands like after long days and late nights - Steak Sandwiches, Brownies, Bangers with Garlic Mash and Apple Slices.

  • Programme 4 - Five Mile Hike in Kerry

    Donal prepares food to take with him and a group of friends as they walk a five mile section of the Kerry Way: white bean and chorizo soup, lime and chilli chicken salad, soda bread and peanut butter squares.

  • Programme 5 - Asian Invasion

    Donal loves Asian food and creates a homemade version of a Chinese takeaway, complete with fortune cookies with personalised fortunes.

  • Programme 6 - Baking with Kids

    Donal loves Asian food and creates a homemade version of a Chinese takeaway, complete with fortune cookies with personalised fortunes. The menu includes Asian Pork Lettuce Cups, Singapore Noodles, and Beef in Black Bean Sauce.

  • Programme 7 - BBQ Delights

    With long summer holidays to contend with, and sunshine not guaranteed, Donal comes up with a way to keep his nephews and nieces occupied - baking biscuits and cakes. And don't fret about the huge quantities of food colouring when icing the cupcakes. This is children's idea of Heaven - chocolate chip cookies, whoopie pies, cupcakes and cinnamon rolls.

  • Programme 8 - Food for Romance!

    Donal cooks dinner for his girlfriend in this week's programme, and on the menu for this special meal is a platter of baked shellfish, followed by chicken tagine with pomegranate, and then a delicious white chocolate and blueberry cheesecake to finish.

  • Programme 9 - Gone Fishin'!

    A successful mackerel fishing trip to Kerry inspires Donal to cook mussels, fish and chips. The boatman who takes Donal out is known as a great cook who cooks fish for his passengers on their way back from the Skelligs but he's impressed by Donal's BBQ mackerel with chilli and garlic - which he cooks on the boat.

  • Programme 10 - Delicious Birthday Party Food

    Kitchen Hero presenter Donal Skehan is hosting a birthday party this week and decides to prepare food that's easy to eat while standing up, rather than a formal dinner party. Donal's delicious dishes include Swedish Meatballs, Shredded Duck Salad, and Chocolate and Pistachio Meringues.

  • Programme 11 - Sunday Lunch

    Donal cooks Sunday lunch for the women who taught him how to cook - his Mother and Grandmother. Donal prepares simple garlic and rosemary roast lamb with asparagus, carrots and potato dauphinoise, followed by individual lemon meringue pies.

  • Programme 12 - Last Minute Fixes

    In this penultimate episode of Kitchen Hero, Donal cooks some of his failsafe standby dishes for when you're tired and hungry. He cooks up a storm of Vodka Penne, Herby Spaghetti Carbonara, scrambled egg and bagels, and a deliciously simple omelette with tomato and avocado are perfect for those last minute foodie fixes.

  • Programme 13 - Food For A Theatrical Crowd

    Donal once starred as Peter Pan in one of Dublin's biggest pantos - and he's been invited back for a guest appearance in this year's production of Beauty and the Beast.
    Of course he's also been roped in to provide food for the cast party - including jumbo chicken sandwiches, hummous and crispy pitta bread and rocky road chocolate bars.

  • Programme 14 - Christmas Special

    Donal Skehan is back for a Christmas episode of his popular Kitchen Hero, with recipes that give traditional Christmas dishes a bit of a twist. Donal's first (and only) job in a professional kitchen was in a Swedish 'julbord', a unique type of restaurant which exists only at Christmas time and Donal returns to Sweden for this programme.

    During the programme he visits a Christmas market in Stockholm to make 'glugg' - a Swedish gluwein - and a friend's house to make gingerbread. Then he travels to the far north, above the Arctic Circle, to the world's original Ice Hotel in Kiruna to make baked ham, gravadlax and a special Christmas rice pudding. And as well as all the cooking, he tries his hand at some ice sculpture and camps out to see the Northern Lights.

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