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RTÉ One, Thursday, 7.00pm
Kitchen Hero: Homecooked

About the Show

RTÉ One, Thursdays, 7.00pm

Everything I know I either taught myself or learned from my mother and grandmother says Donal. The most important thing I know is that home-cooked food can be tastier, healthier and cheaper than almost any ready-made meals, take-aways or fast food you can buy. If you cook your own food, you know exactly what goes into it how much sugar, how much salt, what kind of oil or butter and of course there are none of those funny sounding ingredients, trans-fats or E-numbers.

But for me, the satisfaction of giving people food that they enjoy is just as important as the healthy stuff and the price. I get a real buzz from cooking for my friends and family and seeing them tuck into what I put on the table.

Donal will be travelling the country to promote the Home Cooked message and the second part of this brand new series sees him visiting Trim Castle, The Dublin Horse Show and even Dublin Zoo! Donal will be taking inspiration from home and abroad and introducing us to lots of mouth watering recipes, including Seafood Paella, Margarita Chicken, Sausage & Puy Lentil Stew and Tomato Crab Pasta. As well as the dishes Donal cooks for the crowds at the Festivals, he will also make lots of cakes, biscuits and other sweet treats in a section of each programme called Donals Home Cooked Bakery.

Of all the recipes I put up on my blog, the most downloaded and frequently requested recipes are those for cakes, biscuits and desserts.

So, each week in this new series were going to have a section dedicated to those delicious indulgences that everyone just cant get enough of. Crisp chewy meringues with lashings of cream and summer fruits, plump profiteroles dripping with chocolate sauce, sweet and salty dark chocolate caramel biscuits, crme brulee doughnuts and rich peanut butter sandwich cookies all of these will make an appearance in Donals Bakery!

Kitchen Hero Home Cooked is produced and directed by David Hare of Inproduction TV for RT and the series is sponsored by SPAR

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