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KillinaskullyRTE One

Programmes 2007

Episode 1 - The Horse Whisperer

The fourth series of Killinaskully hits our screens with a bang, with Pa Connor causing havoc, and Jacksie enforcing a controversial ban.

Episode 2 - The Stoats

There's more mayhem in Killinaskully this week when Willie Power is invited to join a secret society and a by-pass threatens the village

Episode 3 - The Crime Spree

Killinaskully won't know what's hit it when Big Diddy comes to town.

Episode 4 - The Visitor

Dan is forced to turn detective when a stranger arrives in the village and starts to take advantage of the locals.

Episode 5 - The Treasure Map

A giant golf ball, the Bally Boys and a spectacular treasure hunt make up this madcap episode of Killinaskully

Episode 6 - The Wedding

It could be the wedding of the year, as Dieter and Catherine plan their trip up the aisle, but as is always the case in the village of Killinaskully, things never quite go according to plan

Christmas Special - The Last Round

It looks set to be the end of an era this Christmas in Killinaskully when Jacksie nails a 'For Sale' sign to the outside of the bar, but not before a seasonal miracle ensues..