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I Want a Garden RTÉ One, Weekdays, 1.50pm (Repeat)

"I want to make this space usable and visually exciting for all members of the family all year long". Diarmuid

Dimensions: 70m x 10m

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The Redmond Family

Peter and Una Redmond want a garden for their brand new house in Ashford. They want a Diarmuid Gavin design that will complement their ultra-modern, passive house.

The Garden

Dimensions: 70m long and 10m wide

Diarmuid's Challenge

Diarmuid's dilemma was to address the steep incline in the garden by giving it structure without compromising the views. He did this by creating a modern twist to the classic rockery.

Using cube-shaped boxes to build the layers, Diarmuid then created interesting pathways between the boxes providing a variety of areas for the family to enjoy.

Suppliers & Materials

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