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"Just imagine transplanting your living room from inside the house to the garden but leaving the roof behind". Diarmuid

Dimensions: 23m x 15m

Suppliers & Material: Details

Revisited: Bettystown

This week on I Want a Garden Diarmuid revisits one of the more dramatic gardens from the last series. The unique submerged garden in Bettystown - will he be happy with the gardens progress a year on...

The Lyons Family

Charlotte and Jimmy Lyons and their 3 sons live in Bettystown, Co. Meath. The house is suitated on 1 and a half acres overlooking the Bettystown coastline.

Diarmuid loved the location he felt it was "an idyllic location perched on the eastern seaboard of Ireland and that this garden has huge potential".

The Lyons set the budget at ¤100,000

The Garden

23m long x 15m wide

Diarmuid's Challenge

Diarmuid's challenge was twofold - he needed to "add to the success of this site without diminishing the views". He also needed to create the feeling of being sheltered from the elements in a space that draws people together.

Suppliers & Materials

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