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"I want to create a design which will dominate the opressive grey wall in the garden and gives something which the guys can escape to". Diarmuid

Dimensions: 16m x 8m

Budget: €5,005

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Gearoid Hynes

Gearoid Hynes is a 24-year-old student, who is currently doing a PhD. He bought his house in May last year and decided to rent out the two other rooms to his fellow student friends. Aidan and Peter.

He says he and the lads would like to get away from the computers and use the garden as a 'chill out' place with somewhere nice to sit. Ideally he'd like something low maintenance, but is open to all suggestions. On the practical side of things, he uses the garden mostly for drying clothes but knows it could be 'so much more'!

Gearoid also has lots of friends that can get involved - labour is not a problem, the money is.

The Garden

16m x 8m

The Budget

Gearoid set Diarmuid a budget of €5,005

Diarmuid's Challenge

"To do something which is Disneyland and creating a surreal landscape. To build it would be a real challenge for the students, but that's what they do, they undertake projects."

Suppliers & Materials

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