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"I want to create a beautiful walkway which leads the family down the garden". Diarmuid

Dimensions: 33m long x 10m wide

Budget: €30,000

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The Kelly Family

Dee and Dave Kelly have been married and living in their Sutton home for four years. They have 3 little girls, Leah, Mimi and Kate.

The Kelly Family set Diarmuid a budget of ¤30,000


The Garden

33 metres long x 10 metres wide

Diarmuid's Challenge

Diarmuid felt that "a beautiful decked walkway, which is the secret to controlling the space, will lead the family down the garden"...

He suggested strong lines of decking dividing into two lawns. One that allows for a children's garden, containing turreted castellated treehouses or 'Wendy houses' for the three girls; the other leading to an oval courtyard for Dee and Dave to enjoy.

Suppliers & Materials

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