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"I see a relaxing area for Mum and Dad with terraces that stick out over the ravine..." Diarmuid

Budget: €50,000

Suppliers & Material: Details

Revisited: Rathfarnham

One year ago Diarmuid designed a garden for the Connollys in his own childhood neighbourhood of Rathfarnham - now a year later he is back to check out his design.....will he be happy with the gardens progress?

The Connolly Family

The Connolly family wanted a garden that Mum and Dad would enjoy coupled with a garden that would be an adventure ground for their three boys to enjoy.

They set the budget at €50,000.

Diarmuid's Challenge

This is an intriguing prospect... an idyllic location, indeed this is my childhood haunt and the challenge is to tame this site, to make it accessible and usable for all the family.

To create a woodland feel Diarmuid created a series of open pavilions which jut out at a 45 degree angle. Both pavilions are raised above the ground on stilts - the stilts are made from old ESB telegraph poles 20 metres above ground level.

Suppliers & Materials

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