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I'm an Adult, Get Me Out of HereRTÉ Two, Thursday, 9.30pm

Episode 6

SSinead Morrissey is 27-years-old and lives with her folks in Artane on Dublin's northside.  This princess is showing no real signs of wanting to move out - and why would she? Mum Mary does everything for her, including ironing her pyjamas. You know the type of Mammy - prefers to do it herself than watch Sinead do it the wrong way. And not only does Sinead have dinner cooked for her in the evenings, she gets to choose what she wants.

Sinead has lived away from home before - okay it was only for a summer, when she and her mates did the J1 thing for three months in Boston, but it was all too much for Sinead  - she got homesick and rang her Mammy every day - reverse charges, of course. So, will John be able to convince Sinead to move out of home and start living an independent, creased pyjamas life?

John McGuire
Sinead Morrissey