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I'm an Adult, Get Me Out of HereRTÉ Two, Thursday, 9.30pm

Episode 5

Emer O'Hara is a returnee - the kind that's had a taste of the rental market and scurried back to homecooking. At 30 years of age she gave up her partying days and moved back home to her Ma and Da's in Glasnevin to save for a house.

Seven years later, she should have a hefty deposit, but in reality she has very little to show for it. Emer, now 37, has a very limited budget of €210,000, and if she wants to buy a property, she'll have to get used to a big commute.

Coupled with the fact that decisiveness is not Emer's strong point, John McGuire has a challenge ahead of him. Will it be all too easy for her to cuddle up on the couch with her Mammy till she's into her forties

John McGuire
Emer O'Hara