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I'm an Adult, Get Me Out of HereRTÉ Two, Thursday, 9.30pm

Episode 2

John McGuire returns to our screens this year with the task of trying to convince eight sets of adults that it's time to move out of their childhood homes. The uncertainty surrounding the property market at this time makes the second series of I'm an Adult, Get Me Out of Here, all the more challenging.

This week his adult children charges are the McGahon brothers from Bray in Co Wicklow. Cormac, aged 30, and Ian, aged 27, live with their Dad in a large house in their home town. The term, "chalk and cheese", was coined for these guys. The bickering brothers agree it's time to move on and that's about the only thing they can agree on. But in order to do just that, they need each other.

They've decided to pool their resources and buy a property together, so that they can afford somewhere decent. Cormac doesn't really care where he lives, but Ian's refusal to move outside a five-mile radius of Bray leaves them with significantly less choice in the property market. This might prove to be a purely academic problem however, as Ian begins to lose his nerve about moving out at all.

Tune in to see how John gets on persuading these young people that it's time to move out and move on!

John McGuire
The McGahon Brothers