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Programme 3

Gardener: Peter Dowdall

Well, the 2 gardens are really beginning to take shape at this stage. It’s the time of year that things really move ahead in the garden.

Kitty is moving on with her raised beds and getting her seeds in whilst I’ve been busy beginning the planting in my garden.

Firstly though I wanted to erect the trellis panels because I think that these give an extra dimension to the garden by giving some height relatively inexpensively. They are also a good way to mark out your garden and make the perimeter secure, to stop kids wandering too far without cutting out all the light or spending a fortune.

This week was also the start of the nicest job of all in the garden, planting. I really want my garden to have a connection with Fota and the surrounding landscape so with that in mind I went for a stroll around the Pleasure Gardens with Head Gardener David B O’Regan to get some inspiration. And inspiration we got, and so I set off back to my own garden.

The garden I am creating is so limited for space and every square inch is accounted for so therefore every plant that I use will have to be carefully chosen. It will have to provide interest in the garden and not outgrow its space.

So, all go at the moment and now time to start the new week.

Stone garden Seat

Material: 1 box of Liscannor stone – 5MSQ

Width - 60cm
Height - 75cm
Caps - 66cm

Height - 56cm
Length - 90cm
Thickness -9cm

Length of each stone wall and pillars 140cm

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