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Programme 11

Gardener: Peter Dowdall

We had our very own weather girl in the gardens this week. Evelyn Cusack was down and she brought with her a sample of her lawn that she was very embarrassed about. It was more weed and moss than grass. I told her she had two options either learn to love it or traeat it chemically with a selective weedkiller or a Lawn weed, Feed, and mosskiller. We had a great chat in the garden, she's a great character.

We had our first Open Day of Series 2 thos Friday and we had a great turnout despite the weather. Thankfully the rain wasn't too bad and people still ventured out. I showed people how to propogate strawberry plants from 'runners' and how to take cuttings from geranium plants.

How to propogate strawberry plants:

  • Identify the runners growing away from the parent plant. A runner is just a rosette of leaves at the end of a long stem. These will be the new plants.
  • Dip the base of this rosette into some rooting powder and place in a pot full of soil or compost.
  • Keep well watered.
  • After a few weeks when the roots have developed from this rosette of leaves cut the stem (The umbilical cord between parent and baby plant) removing the entire stem from both plants. Now you have new strawberry plants.

How to take cuttings from Geraniums:

  • With a sharp knife or secateurs cut the top 4 inches from a fresh stem.
  • Cut at a node - this is quite simply the joint where a leaf meets a stem as this is where the plant has the highest amount of rooting hormones.
  • Remove the bottom leaves leaving just one set of leaves towards the top of the cutting.
  • Remove any flowers or flower buds.
  • Dip the base of the cutting in rooting powder.
  • Insert the cutting into a pot full of compost and water well.
  • Leave in a glasshouse (outside will do up to end of August).
  • Roots will have formed within a few weeks and these plants will be ready for planting out next Spring/early summer

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