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RTÉ One, Friday, 8.30pm

Handy Man: Sean O'Neill

Programme 1

Rabbit Proof Fence
Set your boundaries and put in your corner posts. These posts and any supporting a structure (ie a gate) must be very solid. Bore a hole with a long bar and then sledge hammer the post home. Dig a trench along the boundary about 6 inches deep to allow the chicken wire go down into the ground to stop the rabbits digging under the fence.

Now put in all other posts along the boundary. Roll out the chicken wire, keeping it taught and attach to the posts with wire staples (preferably have two people do this). The chicken wire holes should be less than one inch wide. The fence should be about three feet high. Finally thread two support wires (strong fence wire) through the chicken wire (one at the top and one to the middle) from corner posts, attach to all posts with staples. Cut the wire and bend back on itself and staple onto corner posts, this is to avoid having wire ends sticking out, as they are razor sharp.


Watch Handy Man Sean's video on how to create a rabbit proof fence for your garden...

Raised Beds
Made from scaffold boards. Two full boards are the sides and cut one board in half for the ends. Nail or screw the corner joints (galvanised screws are best). Now you have a rectangular raised bed ready for positioning , you can put a few braces on the frame to keep it’s shape during positioning. Scaffold boards will have metal strips on each end, so before you start , remove these with a hammer and nailbar, really easy.

Watch Handy Man Sean's video on how to create a raised bed made from scaffold boards...


The Gardeners

Handy Man: Sean O'Neill

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The Gardeners