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Webchat with Michael & Baz

Michael & Baz were online for a live webchat from 1-2pm on Thursday 1st May 2008 to answer your questions.

You can read their answers below:


Both: Howdy folks! Thanks for tuning in and sending in so many questions. We're here to enlighten you with regard to the wonderful world of How Low Can You Go?! We'll try to get through as many questions as we can. Sadly Mark is unable to make it today but sends his fond regards.

Janet Bitter: Not a question .. just to say best programme on Irish TV.. absolutely love it!
Both: Thanks a million Janet. Keep watching and we love you too.

Derek: What is the most bizarre place you have been?
Michael: Without a doubt, Dollyland, which is Dolly Parton's theme park. I was expecting bouncy castles but its like an extreme right wing religious cake sale. I think its on next week's show. Go Dolly!!!

Johnny FitzSimons: Which one ye dudes is the Tim Henman lookalike again?...And is he as annoying as the legend that was Tim 'The Toolman' Henman....?
Michael: Ever been assaulted with a tennis racket??

Paul: What was the scariest part of America that you visited?
Both: So much to choose from in that crazy country... LA is just daft, San Fran was brilliantly insane but for the pure scariness it was getting drunk on Moonshine with real hillbillies in the Smokey Mountains. It was 'Deliverance' country and they had banjos.

Jonathan: Do you guys watch the programme when its on air on Thursday nights?
Both: As die hard narcissists, of course we do... usually naked!

Finny: What did you think of the locals in Budapest??? They were like bears, igornant as hell!!
Michael: Not very happy people and I actually got accosted by one in Dublin recently who gave out to me for not liking his country. He did prove my point though!!!

Edain: How did you guys get the job to travel around in the USA?
Both: Got it in Fás in Baggot Street. It was only meant to be for work experience but the Government reckoned it was a good idea to keep us out of the country for as long as possible.

Pricey: Hi guys, I thought the European series was better, because you were going through difference countries and cultures. It's a bit more difficult to get that buzz going through the same country all the time. Do you agree?
Both: No. The southern states in America are actually quite diverse and thats what surprised us. If you consider the difference between the California shows and the stuff last week in Texas and you'll see tonight in Memphis the difference in attitude and culture.

Johnny Sandwiches: Dear Baz. I'm thinking about having pasta for my dinner. Is this awesome yes or no? Thanks. Johnny S.
Baz: I think fish fingers are universally eaten on Fridays!

Aisling in Wexford: In all the places you've been too which place has been the weirdest and best at the same time.
Both: New Ross.

Mags: Hello boys would you do anything for money?
Both: Yes, please contact our agents!

Sarah: Hey Baz...all the Donegal crew here wondering did you enjoy coppers the last night? haha!!
Baz: Yes. Spies, spies everywhere!

Marie: Would you guys ever consider doing a series in Ireland?
Both: Yes, we're filming in Ireland at the moment. Oh the glamour!!

Harry Crotch: Whats you favourite cartoon character?
Michael: Are you not a cartoon character?!

Sheila Shannon: Baz my friend Sarah is stunned by your good looks, are you single and if so would you travel to Limerick ?
Baz: I'm proceeding on foot!!

Ladybird: Hey Baz! Do you think you will ever settle down or are you a die hard womaniser???
Michael: See above...

John: have you lads ever been attacked while filming?
Both: Yes on the beach in LA by an armed mad man. In Estonia, we were attacked by some ex Army comrade, and in Marseilles and usually in Customs when we arrive home....there's only so many cavity searches you can take! (Baz: I disagree with you there!)

Rachel: Is there anywhere you can watch the shows again if you miss one?
Both: Yes, online for 21 days only!!!

Liz: Who decides where you go?
Both: Pat Kenny!

Jenny: what are you doing filming around Dublin at the moment?
Both: New show out next Autumn. We can't tell you too much about it. Pat Kenny will kill us.

Olivia: You're not really doing it cheap anymore, is it just a new travel show?? love it anyway
Baz: We live in a van with each other and even though we spend more money, the gags are in my opinion as cheap as ever.

Abby: Hi lads can you please tell me who are your role models and why?
Both: They promised us sandwiches and there's none!

Ann: What was your favourite moment that didn't make it into the final show?
Baz: Me and Michael having a punch up in a Vegas suite!

JP: What's your favourite colour?
Baz: You'd have to be sitting next to Michael to understand this. Stop the press!! Neon is back in a big way!!

Lance: Which of you three is the best driver?
Michael: Well Baz never drove because Mark and I are too young to die! Mark is a speedy 24 year old so I'm the best. I'm applying to Bus Eireann this week.

Audrey: What's Baz's full name?
Baz: Ahmed Bacyl Mohammed Yousri Abu Ismaill Ashmawy

Paul: So if you's had the choice for the next location what country would you like to go to?
Both: Colombia or all of Africa or Asia.

Elaine Phealan.: Has Michael any plans to retrun to the stage? I saw him years ago in a play at the Peacock and have been looking out for him ever since.
Michael: I had to turn down two theatre roles in order to do How Low Can You Go? But hopefully sooner rather than later I'll be treading the boards again. In the meantime I've sold my soul to Pat Kenny.

Patreick: what place on all ye travels has been the best spot for women?
Michael: Navan, and Kells comes a close second! And of course here in the RTÉ conference room!

Suzanne O'Callaghan: Hi Guys, just want to say i love the show, its so funny. The 3 of ye together is like a comedy show. If you ever need another person to do the show let me know haha. You have an amazing job and i hope ye all know how lucky you are, I'd love a job like that.
Both: We never forget how lucky we are. Going to work has never been so much fun. You're top of the list to join the crew.

MARY: How much clothes and luggage do they take on their trip?? I travel a lot... so I'm interested from a male point of view.... I also think the boys are wonderful fun... although I can just imagine the smell in that camper van living so close to each other!!!
Michael: Baz takes the most and Mark comes a close second but Michael travels lightly but still manages to look splendid! As for the smell, we're like three dogs with our heads out the windows driving down the highways.

Pat Kenny: Would you please stop knocking me.
Both: We're not knocking you Pat. Where are our sandwiches??

Aidan: Baz, Coppers or Krystle???
Baz: They're right next door to each other so its a win win situation! Some nights you feel like a Garda and some nights you feel like a model!

Sharon: Not a question I just want to say I love you guys!!!
Both: And we love you Shaz!

Simon: As you are the Irish version of the 3 Stooges which one of you is Curley?
Both: There's a bit of Curley in all of us. We're so flattered right now!

Sheila from Brisbane: Do you remember me Baz? I had the baby a while back - he looks just like you. When are you coming to visit him?
Baz: I remember you Sheila. Did you get my address? Obviously not if you're messaging me on this RTÉ webchat. Give him all my best and feel free to send photos if you ever find my address which I'm not giving to you.

Rachel: What kind of jobs did ye have before the show?
Both: Fluffers!

Nelly Kelly: Michael, was the TV series originally Michael Hayes based on you?
Michael: Yes, I used to be a red haired cop before the surgery. Don't tell anyone but I'm actually David Carusso.

Karen: Baz, on your way to Limerick, will you drop Michael off in Tullamore for me??
Baz: I went to boarding school in Clara so I know Tullamore well. He mightn't be my favourite person in the world but I couldn't do that to him. We're Limerick bound! Everyone's invited!

Both: Thank you very much everyone for all your questions and for watching the show. We couldn't do it without you. Free bar in Limerick all weekend! Tune in tonight at RTÉ Two at 10.15pm! We'll be at home watching it naked!

Michael & Baz