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How Low Reality CheckRTÉ Two, Monday, 10.30pm

Episode 6: Get a Life

Series: 5

Unfortunately, this programme has now expired. Please note that each episode is only available for 21 days after transmission.

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Sacked by their agent, Baz, Mark and Michael hit the pub only to find a poster advertising 'You're a Superstar' auditions in the city. So in a final attempt to hit the big time, the boys decide to form a boy-band!

As part of their research they travel to Belfast to see their hero's Westlife, and seek inspiration from their performance and their devoted fans. Gaining access backstage, the lads perform acappella for the band, and for music guru Louis Walsh who tells them they don't stand a chance.

In attempt to polish up their act, the lads start the make-over, and so begins rehearsals, fake tans, and botox! After exhaustive dance routines and vocal coaching, they audition in front of a celebrity panel only to be disgraced and told they will never be famous. Down and dejected, and feeling more lowlife than Westlife, the boys retreat once again to the pub. Here fellow auditionee, Mick, agrees to manage the guys and promises to get them a gig in front of 600 women. Only, a bingo hall isn't quite what the lads had in mind...!

The boys audition for 'You're a Superstar'
The boys audition for 'You're a Superstar'