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Series 3: Programme 7

Antoinette and Kelly McLoughlin

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This programme features mother and daughter Antoinette and Kelly McLoughlin from Limerick. Antoinette and Kelly share the same unhealthy traits - they both smoke, take no exercise and eat irregularly with lots of unhealthy snacks. With hectic lifestyles and no time for proper meals or physical activity they are playing havoc with their health. In one of his toughest challenges yet Dr Mark Hamilton tries to convince them to ditch their bad habits.

Antoinette is a 51 year old stressed out Garda Diversion Coordinator working with young people. Her job means she's constantly on call and when she gets home her work continues into the night. Kelly is a 22 year old student who has just left home.

Antoinette's been smoking since she was 14 and has a 20 a day habit. Kelly started smoking a year and a half ago and the medical results show that this is already affecting her health.


Results after first medical and fitness tests:

Antoinette 5.77 mmol/l
Kelly 4.8 mmol/l
Healthy Level below 5

Blood Pressure
Antoinette 112/77
Kelly 150/92
Normal < 140/80
At 22 years old, Kelly's blood pressure should be around 120 over 80, her smoking will already be affecting this.

Lung function
Antoinette Forced Vital Capacity 77%
Kelly Forced Vital Capacity 85%
Antoinette's mother died from emphysema at the age of 60, they both need to try to quit.

Antoinette 73
Kelly 76


8 Week Plan

  • make time to relax
  • eat 3 healthy meals a day
  • increase activity to 30 minutes moderate exercise a day, 5 days a week
  • give up smoking

Dr Mark believes Antoinette and Kelly may be open to alternative approaches and suggests they try hypnotic suggestion to tackle their addiction to cigarettes. At the end of the hypnotherapy session they are given a CD to use daily at home.

Overwork is a huge issue with both Antoinette and Kelly so Dr Mark recommends they meet with An Coppens, a business coach with many years experience in time management. She suggests they create somewhere in the house to relax, to make a space that's totally unconnected to work and study.

For the last few years they've existed on convenience foods and they generally try to avoid cooking, so Dr Mark decides to send them to one of Ireland's most famous cookery schools. He hopes they can be convinced that cooking healthy food can be both easy and fun.

To help them take their minds off nicotine cravings Dr Mark suggests they try a dance class, an activity Kelly enjoyed in the past. Taking exercise will help reduce some of the symptoms of Antoinette's menopause and will also be a great way of helping lower Kelly's blood pressure.


Antoinette's cholesterol 4.74 (previously 5.77)
Kelly's blood pressure 129/77 (previously 150/92)
Antoinette's Forced Vital Capacity 84% (previously 77%)
Kelly's Forced Vital Capacity 88% (previously 85%)
Antoinette 76
Kelly 81


Useful Information

Antoinette and Kelly had full medical screening at Barringtons' hospital in Limerick. The hospital provides a thorough health check, which varies depending on the individual. Tests available include blood tests, lung function test, diabetes test, and abdominal ultrasound.

Barringtons' Hospital
Georges Quay
061 490 500

Professor Phil Jakeman
Professor of Sport and Exercise Science
Department of Physical Education and Sports Science
University Of Limerick

An Coppens
Business Coach
B/right Business Coaching, Unit 14, Penrose Wharf, Penrose Quay, Cork.
Tel - 021 486 1391

Zita Stanley
Thomas St
Tel - 086 1038892
Zita Stanley is a qualified hypnotherapist. She graduated from the Institute of Clinical Hypnotherapy/Psychotherapy with an Advanced Diploma in Hypnotherapy/Psychotherapy.

Antoinette and Kelly received cookery lessons from Rory O'Connell at the Ballymaloe Cookery School.

Co Cork
021 4646785

Dance Instructor - Bridget Harte
086 3811065
SHALL WE DANCE, All Ireland Board of Ballroom Dancing Teachers. Teaches Latin American, ballroom dancing and Swing Jive Classes. Locations are Pery's Hotel, Limerick, Woodstock Hotel, Ennis and Abbey Court Hotel, Nenagh.

GASP Smoke-Free Solutions
93 Cromwell Road
BS6 5EX.
Tel - 00 44 1179550101

Antoinette and Kelly
Antoinette and Kelly
Antoinette and Kelly with Dr Mark
Antoinette and Kelly with Dr Mark