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RTÉ One, 8.30pm, Tuesdays  

House Hunters in the Sun Revisited

Presenter Jim Smyth returns to Portugal to visit a retired couple from Clondalkin.

Programme 6: Portugal (3rd June 2008)

Christy and Ann Coughlan are from Clondalkin and have been married for over 30 years. They had been to Portugal several times and now that their family are all grown up - they have 4 kids - they decided to sell their house in Clondalkin, and look for a villa in Portugal to retire to. Christy worked for Hewlett Packard and Anne worked at home.

They wanted a three bedroom house with a pool and were keen on the area around Faro. Christy wanted to take early retirement and move out there with Ann. The couple decided they'd prefer to leave their kids a nice house in the sun rather than a semi-detached house in Clondalkin. One of their sons lives in Slovenia and they felt it would be handy to be on mainland Europe in order to visit him.

Presenter Jim Smyth heads to Portugal to see how the Coughlans are getting on.

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