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Epsiode 2

Ali Giblin, Martin Davies and their young son Matthew moved to Kinsale from the U.K. last April. Before moving to Ireland, the couple lived in an elegant suburb of Manchester. They both had extremely high-powered jobs in the corporate world but despite fast cars and an affluent lifestyle Ali and Martin felt life was not giving them what they wanted.

Martin decided to return to  University to study physiotherapy and Ali trained to be a Business Coach. Their son Matthew was born and as far as they were concerned it was time to start a new life and move to a new country.

Ireland and New Zealand featured high on their list and after a weekend in Kinsale, their minds were made up and they moved shortly afterwards. Martin now works as a Physiotherapist at Cork University Hospital.

Martin and Ali are currently living on a fraction of the income they had in the U.K. and rent is making a large dent in their savings. The couple are unsure whether they should go mortgage free which would mean spending about €280,000 or if they should push the boat out and spend up to €420,000 on their ideal home.

Liz O'Kane and Ian Lawlor review their situation, advise them about their options and how to make the most of their money.

Finding a house is the last part of the journey for Martin and Ali and they plan to marry wherever they buy their new home, so a trip to the jewellers could be the next thing on the cards.

Houses viewed in this episode:

Ian, Liz, Ali and Martin
Ian, Liz, Ali and Martin