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Xavier Watson played by David Jones Roberts

Xavier Watson

Played by David Jones Roberts

Xavier’s not your typical teen – he’s had it tougher than most. In fact, he hasn’t really been allowed a proper childhood. While his single mother Gina has strived to give him everything she can, it’s proved difficult. She’s so focused on caring for Brendan, Xavier’s developmentally disabled older brother, there’s little time for anything else. And given his eldest brother, Hugo, went off to do his own thing years ago, the responsibility of ‘man of the house’ fell on Xavier’s shoulders and he has dutifully played that role ever since. He has a deep love and incredible patience with Brendan who is twenty, but with a mental capacity of a four year old.

Still, it was only a matter of time before young Xavier started to question the status quo of his tight-knit family unit– particularly as he watched his peers lead their carefree lives. He grew resentful of Hugo’s abandonment and his Mum’s high expectations – and the constant financial and emotional strain the family was under. He yearned to be a normal kid, without all the hard adult realities. Why couldn’t he surf all day like his mates? Why did they never have any money? Why was even going to a movie an extravagance? Any spare money they have goes on new equipment or medication for Brendan.

So as teenager’s often do, Xavier yearned for something else, something better. He found it by joining a new crowd, an older crowd group into drugs and partying. In that crowd he met Freya, a wild, self-destructive girl who honed in on Xavier straight away. The pair soon became inseparable, much to Gina’s consternation. While she understood Xavier’s need to forge his own identity, she was troubled by his new chosen friends. While he still managed to fulfill his family responsibilities, he grew emotionally distant.

It is this new crowd who brought Xavier along to Summer Bay to join their Schoolies celebrations. Here, Xavier runs into his Uncle Tony. They’ve not had much to do with each other over the past few years but as Lucas and Jack were growing up, Xavier and his brother Hugo were always around. The Xavier that Tony remembers is a kind, well-mannered responsible young man… While the Xavier that Tony meets is a troubled kid in self-destruct mode. And matters are made worse when Xavier’s eldest brother Hugo shows up out of the blue, determined to get Xavier back on the straight and narrow...

Relationship status: Ruby is very interested in him.

Past relationships: Ex-girlfriend Freya.

Family: Mother is Gina, sister to Tony. Two brothers, Hugo and Brendan.

Friends: Ruby.

Living arrangements: In the city until he moves to Summer Bay.

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Home and Away Characters

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