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Tony Holden played by Jon Sivewright

Tony Holden

Played by Jon Sivewright

Tony has an good relationship with his two sons Jack and Lucas; the three are more like best mates than father and sons. Since the death of his wife Kate, over 14 years ago, Tony has done his best to create a strong and secure family environment for his sons, who are everything to him. Lucas now lives overseas.

Because of the great loss he's been through, losing his soul-mate Kate at the hands of a drive-by mugger, Tony has great compassion and empathy for others, yet always looks at the big picture with a positive perspective on things.

Tony and his next-door neighbour, Beth, became friends straight away. Their romance grew and Tony proposed marriage to Beth. Tragically she was killed in an horrific car accident on her return from Europe, so she never got the chance to marry Tony and she never saw her new grandchild Archie, the son of Kit and Kim.

Kit and Matilda made a decision to buy the gym for Tony with some of the money they inherited from Beth's estate. He has struggled with the loss of 'the love of his life' and went through a time of dating lots of women and drinking too much, but now he's getting back on track.

He's currently engaged to Dr. Rachel Armstrong and they are expecting a baby.

Relationship status: Engaged to Rachel Armstrong.

Past relationships: Was married to Kate, the mother of his children, wanted to marry Beth, before she was tragically killed. Had a fling with Naomi Preston and Jazz Curtis.

Family: He has his two sons, Jack and Lucas, and was like a father to Matilda.

Friends: Tony gets on well with everyone including Miles, Roman and Alf.

Living arrangements: Tony lives with Rachel.

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Home and Away Characters

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