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Ruby Buckton played by Rebecca Breeds

Ruby Buckton

Played by Rebecca Breeds

Ruby Buckton is Ross’s youngest daughter. She appears very free-spirited, but in reality wears a mask that hides her inner emotions. Like the other Bucktons, Ruby is grieving her mother's death, but unlike her sister, she took a more internal approach and bottled it up inside and trying to appear strong on the outside.

Ruby is independent and doesn’t care what others think about her. She is inclined to keep to herself, she found it especially hard when her father got sick. Her goal in life is simply to be happy and to be content in enjoying life’s simpler things and the people in it.

She had a run in with the school bully Matthew Lyons and then spotted a new guy to the bay, Xavier Austin. She wasn't shy about letting him know her intentions and the started dating until he got caught with drugs and was sent back to his Mum.

Relationship status: Dated Pat, the gardener from her boarding school. Hooked up with Xavier.

Family: Charlie her sister, and Ross Buckton her father. Her mother passed away and Morag is her new step mother.

Friends: She is friendly with Annie and Jai.

Living arrangements: With her sister Charlie in Leah's house.

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Home and Away Characters

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