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Roman Harris played by Conrad Coleby

Roman Harris

Played by Conrad Coleby

Roman Harris can be described as a charismatic guy, with a good streak of Aussie sense of adventure to boot…and a recent past he’d rather keep to himself.

Roman grew up working in his family’s restaurant. He resisted pressure to take over his parents’ business and, in an act of independence, Roman joined the army.

A natural athlete with a head for strategy meant Roman excelled in the armed forces. At first it seemed exciting, but after being posted to various war-torn countries Roman yearned to be back in Australia.

It was during one of his missions in East Timor that a colleague told him of a place he should visit when he returned home - a little place called Summer Bay. After travelling around Australia in his panel van for a year, healing his soul, Roman finally drives into town, remembering how his friend spoke fondly of the warm and healing aspects of this little town.

A health nut, cut and buff, with a face that can melt any female heart, Roman has always been popular with the ladies well.

Falling instantly in love with the Bay, Roman keeps to himself, until a kitchen crisis at the Diner makes him put up his hand to help out (adept at cooking from his days at the restaurant). It leads to him suggesting Irene gives him a trial as her business partner. A suspicious Irene wonders why this mysterious and charismatic man would want to buy in to a small town Diner, but she eventually agreed.

He hadn't been settled for very long when his daughter Nicole turned up on the door step. After a rocky start he has learnt a few parenting skills and they now have a good relationship.

Roman had been dating Charlie but they frequently clashed and so he broke it off. However, Charlie is convinced that he is still in love with Martha.

Relationship status: Was dating Martha previously and then Charlie. Currently single.

Family: Roman has a daughter Nicole.

Friends: Good mates with Miles.

Living arrangements: Sharing a townhouse with Aden and Nicole.

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