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Dr Rachel Armstrong played by Amy Mathews

Dr Rachel Armstrong

Played by Amy Mathews

Dr Rachel Armstrong, a qualified psychiatrist, who now works in the Emergency department of the Summer Bay Hospital.

Leah and Rachel are old friends from school days, and have kept in touch over the years. As a gifted student, Rachel sailed through school and always had good grades, even though she never spent much time studying, much to the annoyance of Leah and her friends!

Rachel has great instincts for people and has a sharp mind; she’s fiercely independent and has great strength of character.

When Kim Hyde was admitted to hospital in a drug-induced coma, Rachel saved his life. When they met later, there is an instant attraction between them and the two were married.

They separated after Kim chose to be with Kit Hunter, the mother of his child.

Rachel's friend from Uni was a great support to her. Hugh was a doctor at the hospital and fell in love with Rachel during this trying time. She later regretted not accepting Hugh's offer to travel overseas, when she had a disastrous relationship with Lewis.

Fortunately she has now found happiness with Tony Holden. They are engaged and expecting a baby and planning to get married soon.

Relationship status: Rachel is engaged to Tony Holden.

Past relationships: Was married to Kim Hyde.

Family: Rachel’s father once worked at Summer Bay hospital and her brother is Brad Armstrong and her half sister is Tam Armstrong.

Friends: Rachel has been mates with Leah for a long time and gets along well with Martha and Irene.

Living arrangements: Lives with Tony.

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Home and Away Characters

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