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Nicole Franklin played by Tessa James

Nicole Franklin

Played by Tessa James

Nicole Franklin entered the Bay like a whirlwind, bringing in her flashy car, designer clothes, and high maintenance attitude.

As a 17 year-old spoilt princess, the feisty young teen instantly stirs things up at home and with the boys. While Nicole might come off as a bitchy princess to most people, she’s not malicious. She’s simply as shallow as a puddle, and while she might cause others emotional pain, it’s totally unintentional. She hasn’t got the empathy to even realise what she’s done. Nicole is a girl who lives to have fun, and she is fun if you accept her for who she is. And, of course, she thinks you’re worth her attention. Nicole is a girl who knows exactly who she is and where she stands: at the centre of the universe.

It’s not her entirely her fault though. The result of a very young union between Roman and her mother, she was raised mostly by her grandparents, and spoiled rotten. She’s been praised all her life for being a pretty little princess, and she’s never had the need to develop into anything more. She sees her mother as more of an older sister than a parental figure, but that’s never been a problem, and she’s always enjoyed the slight rivalry between them. She’s never been too bothered by the lack of a father figure, and she’s had plenty of fun wrapping the other males in her life around her fingers. She’s always been happy, if only because she lacks the emotional capacity to feel any real emotional pain. As far as she’s concerned, there’s no reason not to be happy.

Nicole’s history begins to unravel and she reveals the real reason she came to Summer Bay was to get away from her mother's boyfriend, who was making inappropriate advances.

She had a terrifying relationship with Elliot, who was obsessed with getting revenge on her father. He left her for dead on a scuba diving trip and she was stranded on an island for several days with Geoff Campbell. The experience brought the two closer together and after getting together and breaking up several times, they realised they have strong feelings for each other and are currently together.

Relationship status: Dating Geoff.

Family: After spending 17 years away from her birth father, Roman, Nicole has come to the Bay to start a new life.

Friends: She is closest to Aden and Ruby.

Living arrangements: Nicole is living with Roman and Aden.

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Home and Away Characters

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