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Martha MacKenzie played by Jodi Gordon

Martha MacKenzie

Played by Jodi Gordon

Friendly, straight down the line, and with a great enthusiasm for life, Martha MacKenzie is the grand-daughter of Alf Stewart. Martha was a self-confessed tomboy, loving sport and anything physical. Now she has grown into a stylish woman with great taste in clothes which range from shorts and strappy tops to gorgeous summer dresses.

When her birth mother, Roo, was involved in an accident in New York, the fear of losing her, just as she had lost her adoptive mother Pauline, who died in an accident on the family farm, hit Martha hard. It was through this accident that Martha met her grandfather, Alf, who had flown over from Australia to be by his daughter's bedside.

When it came time for Alf to return home, Martha declared she was going to tag along with her 'Grandad', deciding she wanted to spend more time getting to know him and her cousin Ric. Martha soon fell in love with the small town of Summer Bay, as it reminded her in many ways of where she grew up and decided to make it a more permanent base. She had an instant attraction to Jack Holden and they eventually married. But the path of true love does not run smoothly and their marriage eventually broke down. When Martha found herself trapped in a mine with Jonah aka Michael, it sparked an attraction between them and they developed a relationship. However Jonah realised Martha was still in love with Jack and not ready to move on in to another relationship with him. Jack and Sam were married before Martha could confess to Jack her true feelings.

Martha was dating Roman the new chef at the Diner until drama erupted and Jack's wife Sam died. Jack told Martha that he had always loved her and they re-united. She discovered she was pregnant, but the father was Roman. Sadly she lost the baby.

Jack and Martha re-married and now she is struggling to over come breast cancer.

Relationship status: Martha is back with Jack.

Past relationships: Martha seems to have been on the emotional re-bound since separating from Jack. She had a terrible relationship with Ash, who later went back to his wife and children, then she got caught up with Cam and hit a downward spiral of drinking and pole dancing. She then had a more meaningful and loving relationship with Jonah however her love for Jack destroyed that in the end. And she moved on to date Roman, the new guy in the Diner, however that was short lived and now she is back with Jack.

Family: Alf is her grand-father and she has an adoptive brother, Macca. Ric is her cousin. Her birth mother is Alf’s daughter, Roo. Her adopted mother Pauline died in an accident on the family farm.

Friends: Martha’s close to most of the girls, including Rachel and Belle.

Living arrangements: She's living with Jack in his house.

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