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Liam Murphy played by Axel Whitehead

Liam Murphy

Played by Axle Whitehead

After another stint in rehab, disgraced minor rock star Liam Murphy returns to the Bay, clean and eager to start a new life.

Hoping the people of Summer Bay will keep him on the straight and narrow, he’s determined to make amends to the people he’s hurt – namely Aden and Nicole. But is he asking too much? Can he convince even himself that he’s worth giving a second chance?

After falling in love with Bianca, Liam got caught up in a complicated love triangle between the love of his life and her fiance Vittorio. On the actual wedding day, Bianca jilted Vittorio at the altar and chose Liam.

Relationship status: Dating Bianca.

Family: One young son.

Friends: Romeo and Nicole.

Transmission Times
Monday 6.30pm    
Tuesday 6.30pm    
Wednesday 6.30pm    
Thursday 6.30pm    
Thursday 6.30pm    
Friday 6.30pm    
Saturday 12.10pm 12.35pm 1.05pm
Sunday 11.15am 11.45am  
Also on RTÉ One 1.30pm    Weekly Repeat

Home and Away Characters

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