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Hugo Austin played by Bernard Curry

Hugo Austin

Played by Bernard Curry

The outdoorsy type with the physique and tan to prove it, Hugo Austin arrived in Summer Bay, ready for a new chapter in his life running the Summer Bay Dive shop. He's charming, independent, capable and gregarious, and as a result you'd be hard pressed to find anyone who'd say a bad word about him.

Considered the black sheep of the family, he left home at sixteen and worked in many different jobs – kitchens, factories, on a prawn trawler, driving trucks…and some shadier occupations which meant he had to grow up fast and fend for himself; he’s counted himself lucky to have made it out alive on more than a few occasions…

But when he began diving, his love of the sea took hold and with it a passionate interest in conservation, which has seen him working on the Barrier Reef running a dive centre, teaching tourists about conserving the reef, a few stints with Greenpeace in the Antarctic, and now… to Summer Bay.

He came for Jack's funeral and has now decided to call Summer Bay home.

Relationship status: Single.

Past relationships: None have been revealed.

Family: He is Tony Holden's nephew, his mother Gina is Tony's sister. He has two brothers, Xavier and Brendan.

Friends: He is a loyal friend to Martha as she was married to his cousin Jack.

Living arrangements: He and Xavier are living in Jack's house with Martha.

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Home and Away Characters

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