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Geoff Campbell played by Lincoln Lewis

Geoff Campbell

Played by Lincoln Lewis

The loss of his parents at a tender age and the very firm hand of his fire and brimstone grandfather have shaped Geoff into a very responsible boy who is black and white about right and wrong.

Like his sister, Annie, Geoff has been shaped by spending his formative years on a farm run by his strict Baptist grandfather, with little interaction with the outside world. Unlike his sister, however, Geoff was sent to a traditional boys' boarding school from Year 7 to Year 9, where he received a good education. But even this interaction with his peers did nothing to knock Geoff out of his belief in hard work and strict morality as a way of life.

Sensible and serious, Geoff has no room for 'fun' or 'frivolity' in his grim, hard-working life and the occasional smile he cracks can only be raised by Annie. But there is an underground passion in Geoff's life... at school he played rugby and showed a lot of natural talent. His grandfather, however, would never approve of playing sport as a serious occupation, so Geoff has buried his unspoken dream...

After his Grandfather died and they lost the farm, Geoff and Annie moved in with Irene. He is enjoying school and life in the Bay, but constantly clashed with Aden Jefferies. He is now maturing and became a hero when he saved Nicole's life when they were both stranded on an island. He and Nicole became intimate on the island and then Geoff was wracked with guilt as it went against his christian upbringing. He decided the best solution was to propose to Nicole who was less than impressed. After being apart for awhile though, the two realised they had strong feelings for each other and are currently dating again.

Relationship status: Dating Nicole.

Family: Annie is his sister and Bruce was his grandfather.

Friends: He's close with his girlfriend Nicole as well as ex-girlfriend, Melody. He's also friends with Belle and Aden.

Living arrangements: He's living with Annie, Belle and Irene.

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Home and Away Characters

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