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Colleen Smart played by Lyn Collingwood

Colleen Smart

Played by Lyn Collingwood

Colleen is a long time resident of Summer Bay and the mother of Lance Smart, now an Army sergeant stationed in Townsville. Colleen's ex-husband left the family years earlier for some 'floozy'.

Born in the early 1940s, Colleen is the town gossip, a sticky beak and quick to judge, but she also has a heart of gold. Her main claim to fame was winning the 'Miss Groper Pageant', which she recently re-introduced to Summer Bay.

Colleen is chronically bossy and is not above browbeating those she cares about, especially her beloved son Lance, whom she dotes on. She now works in the Diner with Leah and her favourite past-time is constantly trying to get in on all the gossip around the place, so she can be the source of information on everything that happens in Summer Bay.

With her children living away, Colleen has formed a close bond with Leah, especially after Sally and little Pippa left Summer Bay. Colleen acts as a grandmother towards Leah’s son VJ.

Relationship status: Colleen seems to be a little too busy involving herself in other people’s relationships to have one of her own.

Past relationships: Colleen has been married once before and has had several unsuccessful love affairs.

Family: A son, Lance, and a daughter, Maureen, whom she gave up for adoption and only recently met. She has several grandchildren. Colleen has recently discovered she is actually a Stewart. A time capsule under the old diner revealed a history of the Stewart family and a blood line Colleen is only too pleased to unite with, making her Alf and Morag's long lost sister!

Friends: Everyone complains about her, but the whole town has a soft spot for Colleen – they all let her boss them around a little bit.

Living arrangements: A number of years ago, Lance won the lottery and did one sensible thing with his winnings: he bought Colleen a mobile home, located on a rented piece of property in the Caravan Park.

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