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Charlie Buckton played by Esther Anderson

Charlie Buckton

Played by Esther Anderson

Charlie Buckton comes into the bay with a bone to pick and the prowess to do it. As the daughter of Ross Buckton she finds his relationship with Morag unforgivably betraying, as her mother had just passed away. Charlie is quite family oriented, but it’s hard to see it through her clashing with her father and her innate ability to rub people the wrong way.

She was really quite misunderstood, and came across as rather brash, but inside she has a very warm heart. She came to accept Morag when she married her father and although they struggled over the care of her father when he was diagnosed with Alzheimer's disease, she now recognises that Morag genuinely loves Ross and will take care of him.

She has the same headstrong expectations for everyone else in her life as she does for herself, which can be tough on her younger sister Ruby and caused problems in her relationship with Roman.

She has just been promoted to Acting Chief of Station which will be challenging for her, but Charlie is highly ambitious and is quite the perfectionist in everything she does.

Charlie is fit, passionate, highly educated, and is leaving quite an impression on the Bay already.

She was dating Roman Harris who was her first true love but they broke up and suddenly and Charlie is convinced that he is still in love with Martha.

Relationship status: Currently single.

Family: Father Ross and sister Ruby Buckton. Her mother passed away and Morag is her step mum.

Friends: She's around her sister, Ruby, quite a bit. She's recently befriended fellow co-worker Angelo and is also friends with Leah and Rachel.

Living arrangements: With Ruby in Leah's house.

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Home and Away Characters

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