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Belle Taylor played by Jessica Tovey

Belle Taylor

Played by Jessica Tovey

Belle Taylor arrived in Summer Bay on a mission: to find her birth mother.

Belle’s upbringing was over-disciplined and controlling. As she became older, her parents were dismayed to find their daughter rejecting their straight, conservative lifestyle and hanging out with the wrong crowd.

Although Belle was a cheeky, extroverted young girl, she was full of insecurity and craved the love and attention her parents never gave her. Belle thought that by finding her birth mother, she would at last find her proper place in the world.

When she arrived in Summer Bay, Belle lived in the bush for some weeks and was befriended by Ric, who brought her food. She was shocked to discover the true identity of her birth mother and was even more shocked when she finally accepted Amanda, only to discover she was sleeping with her then boyfriend, Drew! The two split, and got back together but have since realised they don’t love each other and gone their separate ways.

Belle has now moved on and had been passionately seeing Aden until he had a breakdown and tried to kill his father and kidnapped her and Rachel. She was seeing Angelo for awhile but has now been re-united with her true love, Aden.

Relationship status: Belle is dating Aden again.

Past relationships: Drew once before, poor Lucas in between, but also Ric (twice), Aden, and then Angelo and back to Aden.

Family: She ran away from her strict, over-the-top adopted parents. While Amanda may be her biological mother, Irene is probably the closest thing she’s had to a true Mum.

Friends: Belle still stays in touch with her closest friends Mattie and Cassie.

Living arrangements: Lives in Irene’s house with Annie and Geoff.

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Home and Away Characters

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