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Aden Jefferies played by Todd Lasance

Aden Jefferies

Played by Todd Lasance

Aden Jefferies is a good looking guy with a smile that melts every heart.

At his core Aden was an anti social bully with a huge chip on his shoulder when it came to authority figures, much like his older brothers before him. His mother died when he was young and he was raised by his father, who was very keen on his son establishing a successful football career.

Aden had issues with Geoff, who was not only a better footballer, but represented, at least in Aden's mind, the hypocrisy of society. Aden is convinced that, beneath the Christian good will, Geoff is just as flawed as everyone else, and just as full of sin.

However, they have both matured and although they still rib each other, they can be considered as friends.

After a violent argument with his father, Aden fled to the abandoned Diner to gather his thoughts. The site had been closed due to an earthquake which made it unsafe and he was struck by a falling beam.

Only after several days in hospital did Aden remember his fight with his father, who then confessed the reason. Aden had been abused by his Grandfather the 'war hero', but his father was in denial and never confronted his own father before he died.

Aden and Belle fell in love and everything was going well until he discovered his father had also been abused by his Grandfather. This confession sent Aden over the edge and he attempted to poison his father and held Rachel and Belle hostage when they inadvertently stumbled upon his plan.

After much counseling in an institution, Aden faced court for his crimes. He got away without having to go to jail and just has community service to complete now. After the whole court ordeal, Belle and Aden found their way back to each other. However, although he stuck by Belle through her drug addiction and her attempt to go cold turkey; he decided he had enough when she overdosed at Tony and Rachel's wedding and that he couldn't watch her go through the pain of rehab so he left her. He sought comfort through intimacy with Nicole which yielded bad results and now he is channeling his aggression towards Belle because he is hurt that she's involved with Liam Murphy, a fellow recovering addict.

Relationship status: Aden is single but jealously onlooking at Belle's new relationship.

Family: Larry Jefferies is his father and he has two older brothers. Justin left home about five years ago and hasn't been heard of since, whilst Sean is doing 'time' in jail.

Friends: Aden is friendly with Nicole.

Living: arrangements He's been living at the caravan park since Roman kicked him out for sleeping with Nicole.

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