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Indigo Walker played by Samara Weaving

Indigo Walker

Played by Samara Weaving

Indigo blames her parents’ break-up on both mother and father. In fact, she feels Jodi contributed in large part to Sid’s infidelity, and hence finds it hard to hate him for his ill deeds. She believes people lie, cheat and let you down horribly on a day-to-day basis, and the only way to survive is to keep a cool head and go with the flow.

She has re-evaluated her life since her accident (she fell through a coffee table after smoking marijuana when she saw Nicole and her father together) and since her mother ran off with her boyfriend. Although she was worried about returning to Summer Bay, she developed confidence and maturity, allowing her to put the past behind her and make new friends. While Indigo was taking surfing lessons with Romeo, they built a friendship that developed into a strong relationship. Romeo then cheated on her with Ruby, but after some time she forgave him and they recently got married in Hawaii

Relationship status: Married to Romeo.

Family: Father is Dr Sid Walker and her brother is Dexter Walker. Her mother has moved overseas.

Living arrangements: Lives with Romeo and Roo.

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