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Dexter Walker played by Charles Cottier

Dexter Walker

Played by Charles Cottier

Dexter wears his sense of humour like a suit of armour. After all he’s been through, with his parents’ separation, he’s relied on his quick wit and keen sense of irony to keep him from falling into the pit of frustration and disappointment his Father Sid has dug for him and his Sister. Even though his fresh, funny approach to life’s challenges makes him attractive to the girls, his heart has been broken by his parents’ inability to keep their promises to each other.

He has been forced to grow up quickly, although he still misses his mother. He can be extremely annoying and embarrassing to his older sister, but can also be supportive to both Indi and Sid.

Dexter and April became good friends while working together on Dexter's Blog, which became quite popular. Dexter has been very supportive to April, helping her manage her O.C.D. Their friendship then developed into a relationship.

Relationship status: Dating April

Family: Father is Dr Sid Walker and his sister is Indigo Walker. His mother has moved overseas.

Living arrangements: Living with his Father in Martha's farmhouse.

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Home and Away Characters

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