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Bianca Scott played by Lisa Gormley

Bianca Scott

Played by Lisa Gormley

Bianca Scott is Italian in every respect. She’s fiery, opinionated, beautiful, sophisticated – she’s everything her father wished for in a daughter and everything Fellini wished for in a leading lady.

However, she’s also the product of an Aussie mum who knew how to keep her daughter’s arrogance in check with undercutting humour and a healthy dose of reality. Her half sister April also keeps her 'princess' behaviour in check.

As a result, Bianca takes compliments on her looks with a grain of salt. She values intelligence over everything, even style which is very important to her.

A teacher of languages – French, Italian and English – she has dated captains of industry, doctors, and even a prince. And throughout, she has kept her heart in bubble wrap, trusting very few men and setting the bar so high even the greatest of lovers would have trouble keeping her.

Not backward in coming forward, Bianca says what she means, when she means it, even if she’s wrong. And she fights every romantic instinct in her European body, to varying degrees of success.

For the second time, Bianca was engaged to her Italian Prince Vittorio, who traveled half way across the world to fight for her love and apologise for cheating on her in their previous relationship together. However, at her wedding with Vittorio, Bianca revealed that she was still in love with the ex-rock star Liam Murphy and he swept her away, leaving Vittorio at the altar.

Relationship status: Dating Liam Murphy.

Family: Father is French, Mother is Australian and she has a half sister April.

Friends: Friends with Charlie.

Living arrangements: Living with Irene and April.

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